Why is there are many children clothes recall ?

We often hear the children clothes recalled because of safety hazards information in the news, it makes many parents uneasy. In fact, the American government would have conducted a series of preparedness: In 1996, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued guidelines about drawstrings in children’s clothing, making it voluntary for manufacturers to follow But in […]

8 super-useful tips solve your clothing woes

1.Put in cufflinks with the greatest of ease   2. Learn to decode the dress code Include casual, business casual, smart casual, business/informal, semi-formal, formal/black tie/black tie optional   3.For formal events, tie your own bow tie, Bow tie is Complex and difficult? 4. And if you really want to up the ante, try a super-fancy Eldredge tie […]

Do you really know how to fold clothes ? ( part 1 )

Daily life, how to organize clothes is a simple matter. But do you really know how to do it? Let Askwear show some way, if you find it useful, remember to share with your friends! 1: how to roll your sleeves the way they do at J. Crew. step1: start with sleves unrolled and unbuttoned […]

Recalling Andrew cooperation with Askwear

One day, Andrew contact our from askwear facebook page , he wanted to start his own clothing line. This is the content of his message Hello, I am looking to get a certain quantity of custom designed crew-neck sweatshirts made. Got our staff affirmative reply, Andrew put his design was sent to us I got your […]

Risks and opportunities for China’s garment industry

Economic development has brought what results? For Chinese garment manufacturers, may be a nightmare. Although China used to be one of the largest apparel exporter national , and the garment industry as the pillar of the national economy. But in recent years the situation is changing, a transition is underway in the garment industry. The […]