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Polyester characteristics and uses

Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013

1 Polyester fiber characteristics
   Strength: The strength polyester fiber than cotton high nearly 1 times, 3 times higher than wool, so durable polyester fabric.

   Heat resistance: 70 ~ 170 ℃ in use, a synthetic heat resistance and thermal stability of the best.

   Elasticity: polyester elastic close to the wool, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, fabrics do not wrinkle, good shape retention.

   Wear: wear resistance second only to nylon polyester, ranked second in the synthetic fiber.

   Absorbent: Polyester regain low water absorption, good insulation properties, but due to low water absorption, large static friction, poor dyeing properties.

2 the use of polyester fiber

   Polyester fibers as clothing, washed up on the fabric does not wrinkle, crease effect. Often the polyester blended or mixed with various fiber, such as cotton, polyester, wool-polyester, widely used in various fabrics and decorative materials. Polyester belts can be used in the industry, tents, canvas, ropes, fishing nets, etc., especially made ​​of polyester tire cord, close to the performance of nylon. Polyester can be used for electrical insulating materials, acid filter cloth, medicine and other industrial fabrics.
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