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Clothes Manufacturer Accept Large & Small Order

askwear clothing manufacturer services

- What can we offer? 
Custom made clothing.

- Minimum order quantity? 
50-100 pieces each style, can be mixed sizes. 
For specific visit "minimum order quantity"

Ability to produce large orders?
Yes, we have strong production capacity. We have over 500 employees, can open 19 production lines simultaneously. 
More about employees in "about us"

What products can we sew? 
Clothes: knitted clothes, woven clothes, jeans, sportswear, sweaters,cloak 
Household items: Bedding, Linens, Bath Sheets, Duvets, Covers, Blankets,Throws 
Accessories: hats, scarves, gloves, socks, pendants, 
See more visit "products"

Only have a sketch, want to make it into clothes, but do not know the details of clothing production, how to do? 
Do not worry, you only need to tell us your requirements, you can get what you want. We provide services from start to finish, including sourcing fabric, size recommended, pattern design, logo embroidery, pattern printing, private label & tags, packing, international transport. 
Get more information visit "services": 

Can production samples? 
Yes, we can produce samples for your inspect our craft. 

Why do we believe Askwear? 
We are a clothing manufacturer established in 2003, and until now services more than 2000 brands and fashion designer. Contact us get more information. 

Product quality is reliable? 
Askwear have a mature quality control system, the average defect rate less than 0.03% in last 10 years.

The minimum order quantity is very attractive, whether the price will be high? 
No, we have subsidiary fabrics factory, advanced equipment, mature technology. So our clothing order price very cheap.

How to start custom made clothes?

How to contact askwear?
Feel free email us :, or send message to us use this page:
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