Coach will merge men and women fashion show to reduce the cost of the brand

Coach fashion show
Coach fashion show

Coach (NYSE: COH) has never been a change to avoid the brand, citing the news of the US Women’s Daily, Coach will be combined men’s and women’s fashion show to release at the same time, the first men’s and women’s fashion show will be merged in 2 Month New York Fashion Week held on the release of 2017 autumn and 2017 autumn and early autumn women’s series, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand.

In the future, Coach will be men’s show moved from London to New York, together with the women’s show, joined the fashion show twice a year camp, after the brand held four times a year fashion show, men and women of the two.

Coach spokesman said that the first merger of the focus of fashion show will fall on women’s series, in June last year, Coach released in London in spring 2017 Men series. Stuart Vevers, the company’s CEO and creative director, has yet to comment on the decision to merge the men’s and women’s fashion shows.

With the change in fashion system, Fashion Week has also undergone many changes, more and more brands will be men and women combined series released, many brands joined the camp that is to buy, last year’s London Fashion Week, the most Attention Burberry (LON: BRBY) is open to see that is to buy the model. Last year in April, Gucci said plans to start from 2017 men and women with equipment on display, the current brand has not yet decided to merge the show in men’s week or women’s week held. At that time, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele said that the merger of men and women is a very natural decision.

Last August, Vivienne Westwood announced that RedLabel Women and ManLabel men’s clothing merged in the fall of London in January 2017 Fashion Week on the merger. The Vivienne Westwood men’s and women’s brands have been exhibited in Milan, and the company’s decision to merge the two brands into the Vivienne Westwood single brand is a result of the company’s commitment to streamlining its brand and products with the goal of making the industry and end-consumer Brand image.

Last year in September, the Italian fashion brand Dsquared2 said that because the entire fashion system needs to keep changing with the times, and the show field has begun to reform, decided in January next year will be the merger of men and women with series, on display in the same show.

In October last year, the British fashion designer Paul Smith announced that the same name brand will be combined this year, men and women fashion show, and Paris men’s week and Paris Fashion Week period of convergence that is held on January 22. Prior to Paul Smith’s women’s fashion show in London Fashion Week, Paul Smith said that the strategic decision to respond to rapid market changes in the corresponding measures.

Perhaps the combination of men and women in the future will be a way to reduce the cost of the brand, simplifying the design of the production process. But for some brands, men and women with different creative director of the model, in the realization of this strategy, it may increase a lot of difficulty.

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