How to iron clothes

As people quality promotion, has become the necessary product family ironing machine, ironing clothes, begin with what place, haunted many fashionistas, today small make up take you to see high-grade clothing six-part series ironing, let your garment with no crease, you hurry up to learn a few action, wanting to keep your clothes every day and relaxed feeling.

Use steam ironing machine to high-grade clothing ironing, both to save time, is also easier to control. We hang ironing machine first to add water, and then hang on the scaffold, high-end clothing buckle clasp.

The first step,  iron the collar.
Ironing the collar, the collar turned up to, and then gently pulls a corner of the collar with one hand, another hand hold the steam nozzle to move back and forth up and down; Then very hot outside collar, the collar down, gently pull your collar with the hand, like this back and forth along the direction of the collar mobile steam nozzle.

The second step, ironing the shoulder.
Collar after ironing, we began to hot high-end clothing shoulder. Steam nozzle close to high-end clothing, back and forth along the shoulder in the direction of the movement

The third step, pressing the front.
With one hand gently pull skirt, another hand holding the nozzle move down, move to the bottom and then move down from the very beginning. We should pay attention to, to ensure the shower panel between the front and in parallel, can achieve better effect of ironing.

The fourth step, ironing pocket.
High-grade men’s clothes have pockets, ironing pocket when the nozzle is to move up, like this, gently wrinkles in his pocket.

Fifth, pressing the back.
Previously again, after we put the high-end clothing turn over, start very hot on the back. As well as the front, the back of the ironing also needs to keep the steam nozzle moves down, so you can keep high-end clothing hanging downward along the texture.

Step 6, pressing sleeve.
Finally, we’ll iron the sleeves! Iron sleeves front first, with one hand hold cuff, another hand steam nozzle moving to and fro along the direction of the sleeve; Ironing the opposite side of the sleeve again, one hand hold cuff gently pulling and holding shower handle moves back and forth with the same method. The last of the last, and then key pause ironed at the cuff.

Of course, we also notice that different fabrics of high-grade clothing, also should pay attention to the size of the steam in the process of ironing, polyester-cotton, when ironing must maintain moisture about more than 50%, if it is hundred high-grade cotton clothing, water shall be less than 50%. Of course you can also choose like this hang ironing machine, with different steam output level for different types of clothing set different steam level.