Who is the real factory of the world

China is the world’s recognized as the “world factory“. Printed with “made in China” goods such as flood the domestic market, and set off at a low price of belongs to China. People at the same time of enjoying Chinese goods with high quality and low price, protective barriers such as tariff quota also in resist the impact of the Chinese goods for local products. American talk Show “Late Show with David Letterman” (newest Show with David Letterman) host David Letterman complained that in the Show has been made in China “into” all areas in the United States, even the “itch scratching” (the back scratcher) this little articles for use also became a patent in China. On the show, letterman asked: “why can’t we make its own products, even small objects like ‘itch scratching also want to rely on someone else?” He quipped, americans not only to do business with Chinese people, but also by the Chinese “scratch it.

Made in China, however, is only the simple labor-intensive areas difficult to crawl. Made in China, is built on hundreds of thousands of workers engaged in simple manual labor; Is based on there is no secondary creation directly from the hands of foreign orders; Is based on a large number of similar domestic manufacturers and even cruel competition. A foreign trade practitioners to reporters about barbie’s processing: “a barbie doll price is 10 ~ 20 dollars, the Chinese workers can only get 3 cents, because our labor value is too low. Just think how much we want to produce a barbie doll to buy a apple mobile phones with cutting-edge technology.”

In the production of export a lot of products in China, the textile industry undoubtedly carries the leader of the huge army of made in China.  Costo supermarkets in the United States, Japan’s Uniqlo, Spain’s ZARA, into the clothing sales shops or places around the world, almost each piece of clothing is stamped with “made in China” tag. China’s manufacturing industry, especially for China’s textile industry is splendid, but the brilliant to create the future of manufacturing in China was not a sustainable and effective. How in the shortest possible time, reasonable effectively convert made in China to created in China, adding more value-added products in the production and manufacturing, is the key to realize a qualitative leap of China’s manufacturing industry. Now the development of Chinese clothing manufacturers industry? Facing other industrial rise of emerging countries and more cheap price, is gradually lose the price advantage of Chinese clothing manufacturers industry go from here? To this, the “world managers” reporter interviewed several Chinese clothing manufacturers, listen to is located in the industry in the first line of their views of the industry situation and development.

Fuzhou waltz international trade co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the waltz) heart Lin, general manager of building when it comes to the problem of foreign competitors, said other peer enterprises with the rise of the emerging developing countries, is on the business of Chinese garment producers and volatility. Many large garment factories moved to Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries, order loss phenomenon is that many production enterprises in China is not open around a problem. In his view, the “appreciation of the RMB and labor prices, China’s low cost advantage is increasingly weakened, the fledgling incipient national advantage, it is a trend, is an inevitable trend. This trend will inevitably lead to the trade difficult. This is also the challenge for everyone.” Asked about his own perception of the matter, Lin heart building has its own view: “the trend presents a challenge, but people always say that there is a opportunity of challenge. It’s also drove us in to make a change, to try new, abandon the old thinking and ideas. No pressure, no power, enterprise development, there would be no halt.”

When it comes to their enterprise’s response, heart building Lin said: “the greatest weapon, waltz is the pursuit of product quality, quality is the key. So-called” brand + quality “. Quality is you provide the product is high grade, high quality products, is has not surpassed other product brand effect, then your customers will not unprovoked lost. Waltz is engaged in footwear manufacturing, our products have passed the certification of human rights, production safety certification, the quality of the products through various test, has never been a problem in this respect. Waltz have formed a certain brand effect, and we will do, is to continue to expand the brand effect. On the way to the pursuit of excellence quality, keep walking.”

Facing the double pressure of competition from home and abroad, Lin heart think enterprise’s core competitiveness, should be a team player. “That the team spirit is what we always pursue. With a strong cohesive team spirit, the company will maintain a strong vitality. In the face of competition and challenge, the enterprise will not retreat, but take the gauntlet ambitiously, looking forward to use their strength and ability to overcome. So full of positive energy enterprises can attract customers, win customers.”

Innovation, and is often mentioned by people. When it comes to clothing manufacturing innovation, fujian heng xia Chinese clothing manufacturers co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the constant summer) of fujian province HongJianCheng general manager. Fujian heng xia is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises, the main business scope is a swimsuit, workout clothes, such as thermal underwear stretch tight clothing production and processing and export trade. The main customer base for foreign markets. HongJianCheng told reporters: “before, we are a foreign headquarters orders, according to their requirements and design for production. Now we have our own strong design department, to be able to come up with their own designs for customers to choose. Once we attach importance to the production, now we saw the form, to invest more in their own design team. We only focus on do before production, now, we not only have their own factories, more and more have their own trading company, directly to the customer. Before the company’s business mainly in the face of foreign customers, now China’s domestic demand is very big, the market prospect is very broad. Recognizing this, we also began to gradually change the business scope, compared with the former more focus on the domestic market. Service, design, operation mode and operation way these aspects, we are going through innovation, also truly reap the benefits of innovation.”

When it comes to the core competitiveness of fujian in the summer of constant, HongJianCheng service as the primary focus. He believes that “our enterprise has been advocated for customers’ more than the less about. We put yourself in the problem solving, the roads are paved, plane trees planted well naturally lead to golden phoenix. Constant summer makes every effort to meet the requirements of customers, ‘early thought, do it first, thoughtful is our attitude in the face of customer demand. Set up its own foreign trade company is a case in point. The original does not have its own companies, only to find intermediary foreign trade company in bargaining and negotiation, process trival, it is easy to slip. Now rely on their own company, link to simplify, mechanisms, participation process is high, the details also facilitate supervision, and found that the dual-core operation companies and factories, has brought the profit for the company.”

Chinese clothing manufacturers represented by China’s manufacturing industry had a significant achievement, and break through the bottleneck to realize the leap of problems. This problem is not unique to China, many Asian countries have been faced with the dilemma. The key is to look for the opportunity, seize the opportunity. That on the one hand, the developing mode of Japan and Singapore worth China learning and using for reference. In the 60 s of the last century, in many Asian developing countries that want to use their expertise to vigorously develop labor-intensive industries, Japan has realized that labor-intensive industries is easy to be replaced, vulnerable to fluctuations, is not a long-term solution. The rise of the Japanese government feather beds technology intensive industries, vigorously promote domestic enterprises to innovate. Now, Japan has been in the electronics, small appliances, precision instruments, medicine, and other leading countries in the field of. Singapore is not early start, but Singapore caught each time the critical period of industry transformation, from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, finally realizes the service to give priority to the magnificent transformation.

Used in challenges, but opportunities. Dream of China’s manufacturing sector, at a rare precious opportunity, will dream of success.