Coach will merge men and women fashion show to reduce the cost of the brand

Coach (NYSE: COH) has never been a change to avoid the brand, citing the news of the US Women’s Daily, Coach will be combined men’s and women’s fashion show to release at the same time, the first men’s and women’s fashion show will be merged in 2 Month New York Fashion Week held on the […]

Kids clothes have been recalled, because found an needle in it

Kids clothes have been recalled, because found an needle in it. Unfortunately to hear the news that kids clothes have been recalled. The reason why Askwear so dislike children’s clothes have quality problem, because children barely able to resist a little bit of the injury. Therefore, Askwear have always uphold the principle of quality first, to provide customers with […]

Cambodian Garment Workers Forced to Work Under Terrible Conditions

After several reports of labour rights violations in Cambodia’s garment industry, Human Rights Watch is calling on the government to improve labour laws via facilitating transparency. In a letter to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, Human Rights Watch asked the government to improve coordination between different ministries to ensure that all garment factories are registered […]

How important working conditions

How important working conditions. In the business community, people in pursuit of high profits, the apparel industry is the same. All brands are want clothing manufacturers provide cheap products. But many people overlook one thing that working conditions. Working conditions how important? Many people understand improve the working conditions of employees, will increase the cost […]

Quickly check your kid’s wardrobe, do not let this hoodie hurt kids

Last month we wrote an article, “Why are so many children were recalled,” got a lot of parents’ concerns, and many clients of askwear proactively checks its own design, to ensure that costume design no potential risks. But recently there are a garment manufacturer’s hoodies has been recalled, the reason is actually “a choking risk.” Clothing […]