If you are a clothes designer you need to know

The human body is the source of costume design Clothing is for human body design, further understanding of the human body and human activity characteristics is the study of clothing important for beginners. A professional garment board design personnel to learn is the human body and the proportion of the human body contour structure characteristics. […]

New style suit match line to the basic requirements and main characteristics

For many years, in all kinds of men’s clothes, form quality maintain the long and fundamental is suit. Due to suit the orthodox and solemn style represents man’s social status, essential strength and the personality charm, after 200 years is still prevalent. With the development of social economy and textile garment technology progress, sewing suit […]

knowledge about Hemp clothing

Hemp clothing tailored Hemp clothing on the structure suitable for linear cut-off rule or contour line, because of its suspension performance is not good, should avoid to use pleat or make it open dress or it is to give the impression of bloated. Because of the hemp qualitative fabric elasticity bad, unfavorable for tight or exercise […]

How to choose baby clothes fabric

Baby outfit style 0 ~ 2 years old baby clothes don’t like 2 years old of children put that have obvious men’s wear, women’s wear parts, choose this time children’s clothing should pay attention to the child’s physical health, wearing comfortable, such as wear to take off the convenience and beautiful and easy, etc to […]