Clothing fabric knowledge

Clothing is the style, color and materials composed of three elements. The material is the most basic elements. Clothing material is to point to form a clothing all material, it can be divided into fabrics and clothing accessories. Here, mainly to introduce some knowledge of fabrics. 1, clothing fabric concept: refer to reflect dress subject […]

The best clothing not style or fashion

The best clothing not style or fashion, but the effort when make clothing. That’s right, and every day that we will search the latest trend, but the company’s core, for the world is produced more beautiful clothes. Don’t forget, we have not only children’s clothing, and can also provide many fashion of adults clothing, all […]

Choose pure cotton children clothes

Always wanted to write an article about how to choose the children’s clothes. This time, write it! No matter be a choice kids polo shirts,or princess dress,still need to pay attention to this following information. 1. Children’s clothing first choice to see cloth, not style. We know that a child’s skin is very tender, inferior […]