our products has success in the bikini fairs

Must be hot in the summer than in previous years this year.Office air conditioning has been blowing, but still feel very hot. Recently askwear are making the clothing of the Nigerian customers, very beautiful colors, the texture of cotton clothing, but clothing is very thick, I really can not imagine dear customers how to wear […]

bikini orders

God, these days are too busy, one bikini orders have encountered some problems, because the number of bikini orders is very small, but the style is very much, it is trouble. We have let the designers work every day overtime,and want to be able to quickly complete the orders of this trouble, but it looks like we will need a few days, this bikini orders is too complicated. Every day we worked hard, we can not only treat a client’s products, are responsible forthe orders of each customer, so please do not think our speed is not fast enough, we have full hp and full sprint …