Kids clothes have been recalled, because found an needle in it

Kids clothes have been recalled, because found an needle in it. Unfortunately to hear the news that kids clothes have been recalled. The reason why Askwear so dislike children’s clothes have quality problem, because children barely able to resist a little bit of the injury. Therefore, Askwear have always uphold the principle of quality first, to provide customers with […]

Quickly check your kid’s wardrobe, do not let this hoodie hurt kids

Last month we wrote an article, “Why are so many children were recalled,” got a lot of parents’ concerns, and many clients of askwear proactively checks its own design, to ensure that costume design no potential risks. But recently there are a garment manufacturer’s hoodies has been recalled, the reason is actually “a choking risk.” Clothing […]

How to choose baby clothes fabric

Baby outfit style 0 ~ 2 years old baby clothes don’t like 2 years old of children put that have obvious men’s wear, women’s wear parts, choose this time children’s clothing should pay attention to the child’s physical health, wearing comfortable, such as wear to take off the convenience and beautiful and easy, etc to […]

production of clothing orders in 2011

The new year began, everyone put into the work, askwear no exception. We are now continuing the production of clothing orders in 2011, and to discuss more in 2012’s clothing orders. Recently, the China’s logistics industry is very busy, causing some delays in orders, here for our customers that I am sorry. We will continue efforts towards the early completion of the order has been received.