Cambodian Garment Workers Forced to Work Under Terrible Conditions

After several reports of labour rights violations in Cambodia’s garment industry, Human Rights Watch is calling on the government to improve labour laws via facilitating transparency. In a letter to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, Human Rights Watch asked the government to improve coordination between different ministries to ensure that all garment factories are registered […]

Quickly check your kid’s wardrobe, do not let this hoodie hurt kids

Last month we wrote an article, “Why are so many children were recalled,” got a lot of parents’ concerns, and many clients of askwear proactively checks its own design, to ensure that costume design no potential risks. But recently there are a garment manufacturer’s hoodies has been recalled, the reason is actually “a choking risk.” Clothing […]

Not all Third World countries have clothing manufacturers

Many people think that the more low labor cost countries, the prices of production clothing will lower, it’s really? A recent article stated: A Korean-American based in China said he supplies to his North Korean manufacturer 10 percent more fabric than what is needed to complete an apparel order so as to compensate for production-related […]

China will continue to maintain its leading position in garment exports

There is an article pointed out, India pips China, Bangladesh in apparel exports growth to US for Jan-Sept 2014. And uses a series of data to show that China is losing its position of the largest apparel exporter. With China and Bangladesh becoming costlier and unviable day-by-day, India is gradually garnering its share in apparel exports […]

Why is there are many children clothes recall ?

We often hear the children clothes recalled because of safety hazards information in the news, it makes many parents uneasy. In fact, the American government would have conducted a series of preparedness: In 1996, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued guidelines about drawstrings in children’s clothing, making it voluntary for manufacturers to follow But in […]