We bet

Since we cut down the price, order quantity increased 50%, every day there are many new customers to order. All the employees are very happy. Yesterday we bet, if kids hoodies sales row to first, marketing manager Rohan must put on a Disney princess dress and then the gentlemen in office lap. Don’t know whether […]

Some kids wear cau down price

The good news, through the company discussion,we decided to cut down price of some kids clothing onour website. Don’t doubt is the quality of the raw material or the children’s clothes have change, it is the company’s marketing means change. Today updated part price, Disney princess dresses. Tomorrow, expected to update the Baby rompers and […]

Happy today

Today something changed, the computer DNS being hijacked. At first I thought askwear website has been attacked? It is better to haven’t. Now the Internet is less safe, and we could have no better way.Askwear.com are one of most safe website. I’m Very happy today a customer purchased the 1000 a disney princess dress. And […]