Not all Third World countries have clothing manufacturers

Many people think that the more low labor cost countries, the prices of production clothing will lower, it’s really? A recent article stated: A Korean-American based in China said he supplies to his North Korean manufacturer 10 percent more fabric than what is needed to complete an apparel order so as to compensate for production-related […]

Why is there are many children clothes recall ?

We often hear the children clothes recalled because of safety hazards information in the news, it makes many parents uneasy. In fact, the American government would have conducted a series of preparedness: In 1996, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued guidelines about drawstrings in children’s clothing, making it voluntary for manufacturers to follow But in […]

Risks and opportunities for China’s garment industry

Economic development has brought what results? For Chinese garment manufacturers, may be a nightmare. Although China used to be one of the largest apparel exporter national , and the garment industry as the pillar of the national economy. But in recent years the situation is changing, a transition is underway in the garment industry. The […]