knowledge about Hemp clothing

Hemp clothing tailored Hemp clothing on the structure suitable for linear cut-off rule or contour line, because of its suspension performance is not good, should avoid to use pleat or make it open dress or it is to give the impression of bloated. Because of the hemp qualitative fabric elasticity bad, unfavorable for tight or exercise […]

Singapore children clothing order

A long time did not come here, most recently the company and a Singapore company was approached to finalize the details of some children’s clothing, producing the sample. This series of products, including children’s skirts, and kids top. Have to say, are many clothing styles, there are a total of 43 styles, and color is also verycomplex, but because we feel that this customer is very sincere and good development prospects, we accept this complex orders. Starting tomorrow, we will started production samples,and hope each department can tie. Refueling, Askwear.