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Our website has been revised and is now more user-friendly navigation to serve. We put the garment finishing together. women blouses, women tees, women coat, women hoodies, women polo shirt. Above, these classifications are grouped into the Women TOPS series. Men coat, men polo shirt, men tees, men hoodies. Above, these classifications are grouped into the Men Tops series. Girl coat, kids. Hoodies, kids polo shirt, baby jumpsuit Above, these classifications are grouped into the Kids Tops series. … More information, please visit our website.

Our website PR from 1 up to 2

Good News. Our website PR from 1 up to 2. This is a ASKWEAR affirmation, but also the embodiment of Web site traffic. Daily traffic of our website are on the rise, it seems that does not take long, we need to replace ahigh-powered server. Recently, we will update the clothes of 2012 spring and summer, and will update some uniform.

Merry Christmas

Today is very cold. And today there are four hours blackout, delayed the progress of a number of apparel manufacturing, we must find a way back to the time, and try to ensure the shipment date. The way to work every day can see a lot of shop windows to write on a “Merry Christmas”, it is warm, God bless us, I hope the world will be more beautiful and more people to buy our clothes.