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Want to have good quality, in addition to advanced equipment , but also has advanced sewing techniques .
Especially in some of the higher difficulty sewing clothes, sewing technology affects the product quality merits directly.
Askwear has rich experience in garment manufacturing, product quality by customers alike , and in the years of the production process, developed a series of sewing techniques , and applied for patent . In the production of high-end clothing can be well done, in ordinary clothing , can also be better handling at the details.
In this page look over our products :

Introduce a few simple sewing techniques , if your order requires special sewing techniques, please tell our staff.

- Back needle sewing
First forward run a needle ( stitch amount of about 0.3 meters) , and then back a needle ( about 0.9 centimeters ) , slightly oblique stitches potential . Because this needle is strong , so the split seam pants , fitted armhole often used .
- Triangle Sewing
Cuff for fixing clothes , bottom and sides , such as pants . From left to right the needle . Positive does not reveal stitch , cross stitch the opposite trend.
- Catcher sewing
Is modified fabric edges, commonly used to prevent loose needle can be used for patch . First cross pick needle , and then pick the needle vertical , vertical pick suture needle through from the bottom , in order to repeat to the desired length. Catcher sew can have multiple variations.

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