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Small minimum order quantity

When you want to cooperate with a clothing manufacturer to start your own clothing line, usually clothing manufacturers will tell you, minimum order quantity is 500-1000 pieces per style. 
It is too much? 
  • Maybe you already design more than a dozen Products styles, each style only need to produce small quantity is enough. 
  • Maybe you clothing styles have exquisite embroidery, clear printing, special pattern, but replacement soon, want product small quantity per style. 
  • Maybe your goal is to sell to handful of high-end crowd, only need manufacture small quantity order.
  • Maybe. . . . . . 
Perhaps you are considering whether to invest a lot of money, and take relatively large risks to build your clothing line. 
But when you see this page, all this will be resolved: 
Askwear accept small minimum order quantity, for this world can spring up more excellent clothing brand. 
This allows you to reduce investment, reduce risk and quickly create own brand.

Style Minimum order quantitynumber of size you will get
Tshirt50-100 pieces8 different size
Shirts50-100 pieces8 different size
Blouses50-100 pieces8 different size
Dresses50-100 pieces8 different size
Hoodie50-100 pieces8 different size
Pants50-100 pieces8 different size
Jacket50-100 pieces8 different size
Swimwear50-100 pieces8 different size
Uniform50-100 pieces8 different size
Cap300 pieces8 different size
Sweater300 pieces8 different size

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